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  • Digital Guru Talks with Indian Youth

    Adapting to sudden change in the world and reinventions are the important concepts that are not taught in the structured education system. And we are not accustomed to the change but we will have to learn to accept the change… Read More ›

  • European youth is not aware about India

    Its surprising that European Countries be it Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Specially Britain youth have no idea about the biggest democratic country in the world “India”. Only a small percentage of population and travelers who are not living… Read More ›

  • Billions of Dollars are spent on DNA Sequencing

    Billions of tax payers money are used to find the strategy to sequence the tax payers DNA. I am not telling you any conspiracy theory but I am going to tell some interesting facts of new technology that biologist are… Read More ›

  • Indian Boy got 2.3 million EUR Funding

    An Indian boy got 2.3 million Euros funding from the Government of Italy to create some innovative Enzymes. He is one of the most calm and talented Human being I have never met and his passion is to create innovation… Read More ›

  • Interesting facts about Genes

    The earth is a mix of many genes of humans, animals, viruses, bacteria, shark and so on. Just think of every living life and think why is it like this?  It`s all about genes. Did you wonder if the number… Read More ›

  • List of Cannabis Research Groups

    Changing face of Marijuana Plant has brought many business leaders, innovators, researchers and investors together to develop better products and policies to ensure the safety of the consumers. International Cannabinoid Research Society– is a 28 year old non political-non religious… Read More ›