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Nikunj is Canada Based Doctorate student passionate about studying Algae and learning movement forms like martial arts, juggling, Yoga, Functional range conditioning etc. Other than that I have been creating video blogs and writing content about student life and holistic wellness. My work is truly based on being in a beginner mindset. The Journey started In India, when i graduated in 2016 and then moved to Europe to do my research work. I was working and travelling in Spain, France and Portugal in different multicultural teams. Later on I moved to Canada to start my Industrial Ph.D. and to train with different athletes and movement coaches in Montreal. Now I used this experience and knowledge gathered from different countries, teams and teachers to create custom design strategies to help students, youth and professional teams in building physical and emotional wellbeing.


The Process

He creates content about Journey of a Student as a researcher and an athlete. It is an amazing experience to consider and accept yourself as a student for life in different subjects. Having a beginner mind and curiosity to learn in different subjects gives you a different perspective of life. Beginner mind is the most incredible phase to explore and learn in any domain of your life. Studying biology has been eye opening and fundamental part of my life which continue to blow my mind as it is always evolving. Being a Research student is special and amazing experience if you can keep clarity in your communication and speed in your execution to meet the need of the game.

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I understand student problems but I also understand that it takes time to learn the new game you are entering. It is time consuming process. I am willing to put my 100% in your dreams, If you are willing to give time to the process.

Nikunj Sharma


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With the aim of helping as many students as possible, I always look for enthusiastic collaborators. Please contact for more info.

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