The digital presence of Graduate Students have increased Significantly

If you do not have a digital presence especially when you are trying to find or create an impact in your desired field, you are not taking your first steps. Increasing your digital presence is the foundation of your future career. The kind of information either personal or professional that you share on social media tends to create a notion in peoples mind which further creates your network.


How can you increase your digital presence while you are pursuing your undergraduate or graduate studies? I googled and found out that the relative percentage of researchers, graduate students, and scientists sharing there both personal and work life have increased significantly. This is exciting as more and more researchers are promoting open science which indeed increases the chances of collaboration.

The thought-provoking catch is that it is possible in today`s digital world to use your blog as an open publication. A blog is a tool that can be made available to a huge number of students as a source of free knowledge to a large number of people who have simple access to the internet. Knowledge and experiencing new things is the basic human right. With the present technology, it is definitely possible to make all the knowledge or information available to a maximum number of people. This is of fundamental change that needs to happen in most student cases around the world. And the Internet can make this change at a lightning speed. There is no doubt about it.

I started my blog and writing guest post to expand my digital presence and improve my writing skills which I think took me in many finalist lists and ultimately winning International Scholarships. If you are writing it professionally and have given proper attention to the quality of content, I believe that it should have a positive impact on your proposition to the supervisor.

The blog is so powerful that you are allowed to share both positive and negative results without confirming it from any authority until and unless you have not signed a nondisclosure agreement. If you can not share the results, you are allowed to share your personal experience of conducting any particular task in your workplace just the way fitness or travel bloggers are doing.  But remember that if you want to use your blog in your application package while applying for any job, project or scholarship,  it should be up to date, authentic and original. Writing a blog will expose you to another set of challenges which will further enhance your new skills and knowledge about digital media. Identify the most influential blogger in your field and observe the important points of each of them or subscribe to there channel to get the beneficial content.  This can help you to channelize your ideas in a direction with an optimistic future and strategic plan.

But note that a blog should not be written with a temptation of receiving something in return otherwise, it will become an endless and not so fun run.  Use the blog as a source of supporting and providing free knowledge to the people who are not exposed to the information like you for one or the other reasons.

As an aspiring researcher or undergraduate student, blogging is one of the most productive things that you can do. This platform indeed has the potential to become a professional tool in the academic world. Open publications have been supported by many renowned researchers globally considering its social and economic benefits.

Open knowledge or blog gives you an opportunity to publish your observations without any restrictions including short notes or negative results. If more researchers come and support and accept this open science, it will be the most valuable tool for human development. And it allows all the independent researchers especially from low-income countries or students with fewer resources to publish their data and analysis. It is astounding.


Criminal Record for an International Student in Portugal

Are you an international student who is going to study in different countries of EUROPE? Or are you planning to move to other european country from Portugal. All the international students are required to provide the criminal record from all the countries they have been in past 5 years. It is very easy to get your criminal record in Portugal . You will get your police/criminal record from lisbon and there are two steps which can be done in less than 4 hours. Although you can get your criminal record in any city of portugal but you would have to come to Lisbon for second step.
1. The first step is to get your criminal record from campus da justiça registo criminal,Av. Dom João II. And to reach there, you have to drop down at ORIENTE METRO STATION and walk to the left of the market for almost 500 mtrs and your destination will be to the right side. Try to reach there early in the morning if you want to avoid the long queue and dont forget to take your passport along. Its pretty simple, you have to go, give them your passport and ask for your criminal record. There are two types of criminal record; one is specifically for a country like spain, germany, france etc and other one is for all over europe. They will charge you 9 euros for both the documents.
5 euros- for a specific country
4 euros- for all over europe.
Its better if you take both of them
2. The second stamp is to get your criminal record legalised i.e, to get an apostille stamp. And for that you have to go one of the office of Procuradoria Geral da República at Rua Vale do Pereiro nº 2. Take a train from ORIENTE station to RATO. It will take about 20 or 25 mins to reach there and you have to change 2 trains which you will figure it out. The distance between RATO metro to rua vale do pereiro nº 2 is just 230 mtrs and its easy to locate otherwise ask a localite there and they will tell you the exact spot to go. You show them your passport,take the visitor pass and reach the first floor.  The process will charge you 10 euros and 20 cents per document.
Its done and time to eat some pastel de nata.



Legalisation/Apostille of Documents for Abroad

Are you an Indian going to abroad for higher studies in Europe or other foreign countries? You will be required to submit apostilled or legalised documents (Educational certificates, police clearance certificate etc) to finalise your admission. It is essential to get your documents legalised by Ministry of External Affairs to consider your documents legal in foreign countries. Apostille is an official stamp that makes your documents completely legal in 105 member countries who have signed the Hague Convention.

Legalisation of documents is a two-step process

  1. Attestation of documents at State Level- All the documents are required to be authenticated at state/union territory level from where the documents have been issued. For ex: I have completed my studies from Amity University, Noida and for that I had to go to HRD, Lucknow for attestation of my documents.

Documents you need to ready for state level attestation in Lucknow

  • Couple of passport size photographs
  • Appointment/admission letter from foreign authority
  • Original and photocopy of your Passport
  • Original and photocopy of documents (diploma, marksheet etc) that you need to get attested.
  • An affidavit that will be made in Family Court, Lucknow near to Jay Bharat Cinema. The process will take 30 mins to 1 hour and will cost less Rs 300.

Location of HRD, Lucknow- Vidhan Sabha, Gate no-9

Timings – Documents are submitted between 12:00 PM till 2:00 PM and are collected between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM on the same day. Pretty efficient 😉

  1. Legalisation of Documents – After your documents are attested by HRD department, Ministry of external affairs legalises your documents by putting an apostille sticker. The important point to note is that since july,2012 Ministry of external affairs do not entertain individuals therefore they have outsourced the collection and delivery of documents for apostille. There are four authenticated agencies in

Important Note:

Officials in Patiala House cannot legalise your documents. They do not have any official authority. So please do not go there and follow the above procedure to get your documents legalised in a legitimate way.