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  • 6 crazy facts of PhD Students

    The various reports and statistics says that there are almost 15-17 million graduate students around the world who are working in different areas. And you need to know these important facts    

  • Life is Chess but We are playing Ludo

    I was bit confused about how to start this piece but I decided to go on and blast a bomb on you by saying that most of you are sitting on a wrong TRAIN for Life. Just imagine the time,… Read More ›

  • Best European Countries where PhD are well paid

    Europe is the best of the continent to pursue your Doctorate studies. Along with nice infrastructure and facilities in the education system, Europe is known for its vibrant cultures, lifestyle, food and the ease of travelling from one country to… Read More ›

  • F**K Media and Understand the power of INTERNET

    Do you complain about the society, media and government? I am warning you that if you still want the media or big industries to change there work ethic and your life, then its not for you but if you want… Read More ›

  • Digital Guru take on “Obesity in India”

    Listen Listen very carefully, being Fat is unhealthy , being Obese is unhealthy and it is going to kill you one day which is the biggest concern for the obese people in India to think and act on it. And,… Read More ›

  • Digital Guru Talks with Indian Youth

    Adapting to sudden change in the world and reinventions are the important concepts that are not taught in the structured education system. And we are not accustomed to the change but we will have to learn to accept the change… Read More ›

  • European youth is not aware about India

    Its surprising that European Countries be it Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Specially Britain youth have no idea about the biggest democratic country in the world “India”. Only a small percentage of population and travelers who are not living… Read More ›