Definition of Algae

The definition of the origin of algae is becoming clearer than ever. The better understanding of ecology with the advancements in sequencing technology has aid in identification in hundreds of thousands diatoms, microalgae, and other marine microbes which have the potential to increase the speed of the sustainable economy. The accurate and refined identification ofContinue reading “Definition of Algae”

What about Algae? The New Industrial Energy Powerhouse?

The industrial value for the energy process of photosynthesis has been really kind and in harmony with the ecosystem all the time. Photosynthesis is being adopted by every single domain of life directly or indirectly for surviving in the ecosystem. For a long period of time and even for the longer duration, we have beenContinue reading “What about Algae? The New Industrial Energy Powerhouse?”

Indo-German Sustainability Center (IGCS)

The IGCS is widely interdisciplinary Academic-Industrial organization creating multifunctional programs in various domains for promoting sustainable development. The approach is to study and understand the problems related to sustainable development and climate change will find fundamental ways to prevent global challenges in the Energy and Water sector. The energy and water represent the requisite asset for publicContinue reading “Indo-German Sustainability Center (IGCS)”

How Water Thinking can help future generations?

Water is becoming a commodity which should not be the case.  Our current system of water management and treatment method is not well equipped to manage the growing population and luxurious lifestyle for the minor population. The challenge for educators, policymakers, providers, payers, business, and the government working in sorting out the ISSUE OF WATERContinue reading “How Water Thinking can help future generations?”

Water Thinking Stages

In my first post about water thinking, I deeply focused on water thinking and developing educational programs to develop an intimate relationship with water. Water Thinking All the alternative, eco-friendly, public-private relationship prototype that we have tried in all geographical locations to solve the issue of water has failed. But a whole new approach of waterContinue reading “Water Thinking Stages”

Water Thinking

Water is not an exclusive property of Humans. But the greatest and most advanced species of the evolution has either taken the full control or are either losing it completely. We have no holistic idea about the present status of water bodies. There is so much information available on the internet coming from a scientificContinue reading “Water Thinking”

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