How PhD Students can make a Huge difference using INTERNET?

Are you confused? How can you make the difference using INTERNET? PhD students only use internet to extract the technical or scientific information. Isn`t? But most of the PhD projects always struggle to explain the success rate of replicability or scalability of the results at worldwide level. So, there is big need for PhD students to understand the power of Internet and Digital media which can be used to bring the change. I can understand if we were conducting research in 1970s or 1980s, we cannot obtain successful replicable results due to unavailability of advanced communication devices and digital platform. But in 2018, there should be no reason because we have 4g and 5g Internet.

Considering the case of not obtaining the replicable results in scientific results globally , there are many reasons ranging from technical issues, experimental set up or human handling. The reason is that there is no record or a platform which observes these changes at regular time intervals and every time a new PhD student has to make certain changes in the standard lab protocols. To acquire uniform results globally, PhD students will have to make some changes in there traditional way of recording the information by using Internet. We can make this happen. Does this make sense? It will

And you don`t to have make big efforts or spend hours to do this but you will need to understand the digital platforms as they all work quite differently. All you have to do is to transform your everyday mistakes and efforts into a blog,vblog or podcast (if you want to do it weekly), pictures or animations. Lets just say, your project is related with DNA of plants or microbes.   There are so many commercial kits available to extract DNA whose experimental set up or protocol does not vary a lot but it gives the non uniform results depending of various factors such as quality of commercial kits, buffer, timing, handling and many other factors.  I am a bio-technologist,  so I am talking in terms of DNA. But if you are in ecology or bioinformatic, the variation is the results triples down or even more which is important to understand. But there is no recorded data which shows the information of situations that are faced by PhD students. With increase in the number of graduate students, collaboration between industries and educational institutes, there is need to have a platform or digital information which can help the fellow PhD students in the similar field. It could be the product review just like we review iPhone or any other electronic device. We always appreciate the reviews by other users and it also helps us a lot to know about different products and make the right call.

I believe that with so many platforms in today`s digital world, we can increase the replicability and scalability of our research at global scale but will require constant efforts from PhD students. PhD students can easily communicate and link with each other all around the world. It is a long shot but it has become a necessity which can be achieved.  If PhD students starts creating content which can increase the efficiency of overall research impact, it will change the world for better.  Your PhD will be more than just publishing papers in high impact factor journals or attending international conferences.

Surprisingly, today`s research and development sector only produces positive results which shows that there are no problems in the progress of the project which makes me think that then it could have solve all the world problems. There are still millions of problems to be solved. All the problems are there in your lab only. The only way to solve these problems is to increase the networking between PhD students working in similar area and create content specifically focusing on the protocols, products and experimental set up we use.

And, What if I say, there are additional perks in addition to make science better and fast. With changing digital economy, we have the potential to unlock the billion dollar market but the key to unlock this market is creating content in form of written words, videos or podcast or even pictures.

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Best European Countries where PhD are well paid

Europe is the best of the continent to pursue your Doctorate studies. Along with nice infrastructure and facilities in the education system, Europe is known for its vibrant cultures, lifestyle, food and the ease of travelling from one country to another. I am writing this blog as an International student for the international students who wish to pursue PhD in Europe.  There are certain problems if our country does not have any diplomatic relations with European Union then, you will have to go through administrative work if you are moving around in Europe for official work. But I will come to this later. Lets talk about the expectation of an International student coming from Asia, south America or North America. I have hardly seen any students pursuing doctorate studies in Europe but there are lot of Asians and South Americans travelling to Europe for Higher studies. Maximum number of students expect a good stipend as you are giving commitment to pursue PhD for 3-4 years which is important to keep in your mind before you make any big decision. Everyone is rushing to start PhD in Europe or North America before analyzing the complete situation in detail. Why, I am pressing this issue is because most of the PhD stipend/Scholarship remains constant for the 3-4 years in many countries of Europe.  For ex: If you start your PhD in 2018 which gives a stipend/monthly salary of 1000 euros/month, your salary will remain the same until 2021.

The pattern and style of PhD has completely changes significantly demanding the industrial results instead of real research. The world load in terms of administrative, scientific publications and results has increased where as the time period of PhD has also reduced to 3 years. Considering the economy, lifestyle and other related things, it will be wise for all the PhD students to choose a PhD that funds high salary along with other benefits.  Here is the list of countries in Europe that pay the high salaries for PhD graduates along with other benefits including insurance and pension plans.














































Options after MBBS- India

Today, I was talking to my friend Manoj who has recently become a Doctor from a renowned college “MAMC”, India. And I was talking to him about his future plans which lead to many questions regarding the present situation of students pursuing MBBS and Bachelor of Dental Studies in India. Also, my sister and some of my family member are into this field, so i can completely understand the struggle of first getting a position in a Government college to pursue your graduation, then more struggle for MD, MS and then to get a Job. Its completely fine if you are really passionate and only want to practice medicine or surgery for the rest of your life. Its going to be little hard to crack  the MD or MS exam in first shot but not impossible considering that there is only 3% chance of you getting admission into a government college. And this 3% is including both reserved and general seats.  According to my research, I could find out that there are total of 30,000 seats in the different fields of medicine and surgery including non clinical field and the number of aspiring students appearing was recorded to be around 100,000.  Lets take it fast forward that you have already completed your MBBS or BDS.

What now?

I am  sure that many of you might be interested  in looking for some new options and if you are flexible to try to some new fields,then there are many things that you can try and have a stable and good life.  Some of my friends pursued there masters in Health Hospital Management and are presently working with multinational companies, hospitals and  Health IT. Before, I go into the details of the options that you can puruse, I want to ask you one question.

Are you active on Digital Media? Do you inspire to become a freelancer or Digital Doctor? Do you think that you have some content or knowledge that other Doctors or health specialist does not have? If yes, please be active on social media like instagram, youtube and facebook. There is big need of real doctors sharing the real knowledge in  social media.  The smart phones that you are holding in your hands that use to share your problems with your friends and family is the actual answers to all your problems. Share the positive and informative content and make this world a healthy place.

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Apart from this, you can check these following options …

1.IIHMR is the renowned institution that provides courses in the area of hospital management, pharmaceutical management and public health etc. Not only this, they also have collaboration with John Hopkins to provide study options in the area of health management, public health biology, policies, ethics, environment sciences etc.

There are several over institutions that provide the similar courses like Manipal University.

2. Combined Medical Services Examination : Is conducted by Union Public Service Commission to train doctors to work in various public organisation such as railways and factories that are functioning under the government of India. The examination has two sets of written exams followed by an interview and personality test.

3. Biomedical Engineering: I think its pretty interesting that having immense knowledge that you can apply in studying the root cause problems of various health related disorders. I am not sure if it will be satisfying at helping a patient in real life. But you will be developing technologies, medicines that can help millions of people. Various institutions in India provide Masters in Biomedical Engineering including most of the IITs.

4. Clinical Research :  There is big need of conducting clinical trials in India which carries almost 15% of the world population and 20% of disease burden. Recently, it has been reported that there will be change in regulations and policies to conduct the clinical trials to increase the transparency of the results by reducing the approval time-period. So this will create a large number of opportunities.

5.Mental Health- What do you think about the rising level of depression in Indian among youth? I am not sure about the stats but the way we are moving ahead with the depression cases will be the maximum among Indian youth.  Another friend of mine who is also a Doctor, suggested me this option that future Doctors can consider.

6. Public health-  Are you curious about the understanding the impact of overall envrionment and social factors on humans health. Then you can puruse the studies in Public health. TISS is one of the most renowed instute that provides the course entitled Masters in Public Health.





List of Marine Science Research Groups

Are you interested in marine biology and saving the ocean. Why not? 70% of the earth surface is covered by water but little is known about it.  There are many ways to save them but one of the most efficient way is to give hands and work with leading researchers who have been working in the similar area. Remember a good mentor is very important to become a successful researcher who can help you to shape your ideas into reality. Me and my colleague Marko Terzin  have tried to collect the information about the laboratories working in the different areas of Marine Biology and conservation.  But you got to keep in mind that these internships are really competitive and so i would advice you to be flexible with your choice as researchers cannot accommodate more than 2 or 3 interns per semester. I will try to cover a large range  of laboratories in marine science and conservation. Some of them also have scholarship opportunities. Check them out:—

  1. Department of limnology and Bio-oceanography, University of Vienna, Austria- The department works has six different laboratories working in the area of conservation, metabolic activities of marine microbes. Fish ecology, Ecosystems and symbiosis.
  2. There are also many non profit organisations that provides internship opportunities in hotspot regions of the world such as Costa Rica, Mozambique, Thailand, Philippines etc. But they usually charge you on per day basis that varies from $10 to 20$ and usually covers the accommodation and utilities. They work in different areas like dolphins, turtles, sharks etc.

  1. The best way to find your internship is look at the profile of the PhD Students working in the labs and contact them with your interest. They can give you a brief idea about the mission of the lab and can also give some suggestions. Biology Oceanography, Liege University also covers the wide range of marine biology research and have many research students.
  2. Marine science is a very interdisciplinary subject that can be explored with different angles. Are you good with geography and interested in hurricanes and natural disasters. Check this out..
  3. Marine Biology Research groups in Germany –    Germany is one of the best country to do your research internships in Marine Biology. GEOMAR is one of the leading institute with various divisions working in the area of ocean circulation, dynamics of changing climate and ocean floor, ecology and bio-geochemical cycles.

Institute in Leibniz are also covering the ocean in a different by conducting research and understanding the impact of environment change on the ecosystem service, impact of natural and artificial (man made) changes on ecosystem functions at global and local scale. The study of change in the microbes interactions in system with change in environment is also an important indicator that can be explored to understand the overall function of the oceans. Check the different program areas that covers the wide range of studies.

Are you interested in working at minus 20 degrees and explore the secrets of human then Polar marine biology is one of the interesting topic and Alfered Wegner Institute is doing incredible research and expeditions in this area.  They have got the best infrastructure, aircrafts, ships and marine stations. In addition to research, you life will be full of adventures and just imagine the type of gloves you will using while working. 😉

Do you want to study the microbial physiology, reactions and there interaction in chemical cycles. Then Max plank institute of marine microbiology is your destination as they are using different approaches such as omics, biochemical and physiological to determine the biogeochemical function of the earth.

  1. Marine Biology Research Groups in Finland

  1. Marine Biology Research groups in India

  1. Marine Biology Research Groups in Australia

Coral Reef research is becoming a global concern and many countries are focused to work and find solutions to preserve and stop further degradation of coral reefs. You can try to contact these labs.


They have a marine station in Perpignan, France, and also in Moorea, French Polynesia. Probably one of the best labs for coral research in France. Contact person: Serge Planes.

One of the partners involved in the project Biocomplexity of Coral Reefs Ecosystems in the Indo-Pacific (CoRéUs 2), within the Institute of Research for Development.

L’OCEAN gives a focus to the processes of biomineralization and they make a synthesis between geology, biology and evolution. Also, they are very active in the field of climate change and ocean acidification.

Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle in Paris also does research in corals from many different aspects.

in general for marine research


In Munich, Prof. Dr. Gert Wörheide, an emphasis on evolution of organism that don’t have bilateral symmetry (including corals). Very interesting approaches, including the analysis on siRNA molecules and transcriptomics analysis.

Bremen, Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology


Faro: CCMAR (Centro de Ciências do Mar): their specialty is genomics of different types of organisms, such as algae, seaweed and corals. Ester Serrao, Aschwin Engelen and Pedro Frade among others.


University of Bologna, they have a marine station in Ravenna where they conduct their work. Contact person: Federica Costantini

Ancona, contact person Carlo Cerrano. Research done usually in photogrammetry.



MOTE- Marine Laboratory and Aquarium-