Download Free Guide- How to Win Scholarships?

If you are an undergraduate or master student aspiring to study abroad with scholarship. You have an important question to ask yourself: How to build the overall profile to win scholarships? A well-defined strategy will help you building that to have a comprehensive profile with desirable skill sets, emotional intelligence, and soft skills. This guideContinue reading “Download Free Guide- How to Win Scholarships?”

Student Networking is Multidimensional

When you are 18,19,20 years old and you have no idea about your passion. One of the important puzzles that you need to decode is networking. Here is my take on it from my personal experience !! Student networking during your undergraduate school is more important than ever and it’s all because of the changingContinue reading “Student Networking is Multidimensional”

Definition of Algae

The definition of the origin of algae is becoming clearer than ever. The better understanding of ecology with the advancements in sequencing technology has aid in identification in hundreds of thousands diatoms, microalgae, and other marine microbes which have the potential to increase the speed of the sustainable economy. The accurate and refined identification ofContinue reading “Definition of Algae”

What about Algae? The New Industrial Energy Powerhouse?

The industrial value for the energy process of photosynthesis has been really kind and in harmony with the ecosystem all the time. Photosynthesis is being adopted by every single domain of life directly or indirectly for surviving in the ecosystem. For a long period of time and even for the longer duration, we have beenContinue reading “What about Algae? The New Industrial Energy Powerhouse?”

Know the Country- International Student Life

You already have that picture and expectations from the country in your mind before you have reached. Now you need to wait for a couple of weeks before all your expectations are falling in the wrong direction.  This will take you to the new phase of an International Student life Called  “DISCOVERY”. Discovery is notContinue reading “Know the Country- International Student Life”

It`s all about tolerating different phases of an International Student Life

Phases of an International student  The motivation of an International student is not the same when you land and are learning to adjust in a foreign country, it is never constant but it’s going to move like a goddamn roller coaster. There are many ups and downs which you cannot escape. But if you areContinue reading “It`s all about tolerating different phases of an International Student Life”

Indo-German Sustainability Center (IGCS)

The IGCS is widely interdisciplinary Academic-Industrial organization creating multifunctional programs in various domains for promoting sustainable development. The approach is to study and understand the problems related to sustainable development and climate change will find fundamental ways to prevent global challenges in the Energy and Water sector. The energy and water represent the requisite asset for publicContinue reading “Indo-German Sustainability Center (IGCS)”

How Water Thinking can help future generations?

Water is becoming a commodity which should not be the case.  Our current system of water management and treatment method is not well equipped to manage the growing population and luxurious lifestyle for the minor population. The challenge for educators, policymakers, providers, payers, business, and the government working in sorting out the ISSUE OF WATERContinue reading “How Water Thinking can help future generations?”

Ways Student can actively be engaged in Independent Projects while studying in University

There is nothing called failure in Student Life. It`s all learning and improvising. Every student has some dream of either becoming a scientist, an athlete or an actor. The internet is really divided into extremes and has content either for elite university students or entrepreneurs who are drop out from the top-notch university. But IContinue reading “Ways Student can actively be engaged in Independent Projects while studying in University”

Skills that you can develop in your Research Visit or Internships- Reflections on the Visit of Thonon Les Bains, France

International research visits, internships or exchange programs and collaboration across national boundaries bring your research efforts to the next level and to the broader public which helps in better promotion or marketing. Some students asked me the ways to maximize the overall output of there internships or research visits in there undergraduate, Masters even Ph.D.Continue reading “Skills that you can develop in your Research Visit or Internships- Reflections on the Visit of Thonon Les Bains, France”

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