Student Networking is Multidimensional

When you are 18,19,20 years old and you have no idea about your passion. One of the important puzzles that you need to decode is networking. Here is my take on it from my personal experience !!

Student networking during your undergraduate school is more important than ever and it’s all because of the changing communication platforms in all domains either business, academics, music. Communication and networking in these platforms allow you to nourish your skills such as innovation, leadership, networking, and design which complements. And most of the undergraduate students are aware that these skills are of utmost importance but does not mean that they are devoting the required time to develop these skills. The network skills that you develop as a student will let you envision your plans and ideas with more clarity. But it requires both strategic and intensive inputs in your daily routine.

The approach of communicating and networking in all the digital platforms and face to face is completely different. These platforms can provide you different values if you are creating the right content, asking the right questions, and have a specific strategy. As a student, you need to develop different strategies to communicate in these platforms – Linkedin, Gmail, Researchgate if you are a researcher, youtube, Facebook, and your personal blog. All these platforms allow you to communicate your strengths, passion, and ideas to a large audience or specific person depending on what you want to do. Therefore, you need to create an environment in that particular platform to share your story. In the initial stages, there are always many doubts but the practice of communicating at an individual and community level using these different platforms will let you communicate naturally.

For beginners, start by having a couple of points or your ideas and interact on those points with like-minded colleagues in University either in social, sports, literature, or cultural clubs, just like you are learning to use new software. And you can take on from there and practice it more often during cultural meetings, conferences, internships, or in-person networking whenever you have the opportunity. This is the real process. There is no network or shortcut. Do not adopt shortcuts. Just look into your last 5 shortcuts if they have worked, you will have your answer.

Building your networking can lead you to your new project which is much like any fitness goal. But engaging and involving with the network for more specifics and details about the project. The return on investment depends on your day to day activities which is the outcome of your practice. While spending extra hours in cultivating sustainable networks, independent projects, or decisions will progress over time not overnight. You need to thoroughly enjoy the process of rejections and acceptance which are the main ingredients in any journey as everybody has something to offer or share.


The roots of your strong foundation depend on the diverse experiences and planned execution of your University years.

In my research, I was looking for people who had the experience of working in the laboratory Everything is depended on your preferences of hanging out with different groups whose values tend to overlap with each other directly or indirectly. It completely depends on an individual about his choices to manage networks and time. The benefit of unlimited and diverse networking as it produces multiple results and lets you decide with whom you naturally connect conveniently. University is the best place to initiate investing time in your networking to grow your professional network at different levels. The important thing is to be present in small and large scale events and hold on to the networking part. It is better to invest time in both academic and non-academic events as it provides you a diverse picture of the professional world.

Once you start initiating your independent projects along with other students or collaborators in the nearby communities, consider expanding your projects outside the known area. Interacting with like-minded online communities, bloggers, and researchers can broaden your horizon. It will provide various other alternatives in return to your time invested in online communities. It is easy to create an online event or workshop and promote it alongside like-minded research students or entrepreneurs in the university.

Collaborating on your raw idea with someone who brings in another skill is something that can bring in a greater value. That`s what I did to improve my scientific writing skills by connecting with science blogs and portals with different areas of specialty. By connecting in online platforms, I was aiming to write for fresh blogs either paid or not paid. I discovered that I was able to use my previous learnings and share it in simple words for which I got paid 75$ per post. Usually, most of the students find it difficult to understand that it depends on your continuous engagement with your talents and skills that creates more clarity in your vision. The experiences should have any final conclusion but should overlap with the next experience that will make you a better position in your professional life.

The network that you make in University time while working in social or cultural clubs, internships, conferences, or community service will always add a positive point in your diverse experiences. Every experience in your university can help you and your team in various ways by developing your skills like imagination, originality, team-working, novelty, resilience, IT skills, and innovation.

It will be the foundation of your personal and professional life, and sometimes it begins in the places you don`t imagine. The main point is to understand that networking is always improvising along with a consistent change in your social circle or relationships. In any place, Being spontaneous in different channels will help you to make your future proof and keep your overall structure intact.

Recognizing the values that you gain from all your experience and fellow researchers, you can gain access to both the right persons and the right place to execute the next ideas on your career path. Perfect synchronization of your communication and networking will maximize the overall output of your decision. The quality of your communication and network is the most powerful ally for your ideas which is understood more if your communication is vital and impactful in every move you make.

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