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You already have that picture and expectations from the country in your mind before you have reached. Now you need to wait for a couple of weeks before all your expectations are falling in the wrong direction.  This will take you to the new phase of an International Student life Called  “DISCOVERY”. Discovery is not referred to just the food and culture but how the country actually run in all aspects; University system, administration system, documentation, language, and lifestyle. It is easy for you to accept and adjust with fancy and shiny things be it food or nightlife as a student. You might think about the abroad destination as JUST PLEASURE AND RECREATIONAL. But its not true especially if you are coming from developing nation or have taken education loan for your higher studies.  You might have heard from your friends about their lifestyle, traveling and other pleasurable activities they are doing. But this is just the fraction of your journey as an International student.
Your goal is to enjoy the process, learn the important administration process, rule of immigration if you plan to settle down, opportunities about all the jobs in your interest area, your food habits, your lifestyle trend to improve the overall quality of your journey.  Learning all these aspects on time as an international student is indeed the most important part of your early years. Think about it. 


Your actions and ability to learn these things quickly decide your professional and personal happiness. This accomplishment of adjusting and adapting the new administration gives you green light to move fast. It is the country administrative system and rule gives green light to you settle down and get a job. It is the country system “whatever it is” gives you green light for any business-related activities. Your supervisor and your employer will sign your recommendation letters which have good points for your future steps.  Your relationship with different stakeholders like your supervisor, your colleagues, your landlord, can give you that piece of the puzzle that you need to settle down or built a strong foundation in the new country.

Seems like a good idea to have good communication skills and public relations, right?

Being in good terms with the third party give you guidance when you need it.
If you want to go the extra mile you need to think alike country working style. Let’s just imagine that you have planned your next 3-4 years of the plan as an International student related to your studies, internships, part-time jobs, traveling, pleasure and other minor goals that you can achieve. Don`t you think that you need to have good public relations and communications as you would definitely need a green light from the third person?
What type of research projects, policies, jobs, food, lifestyle does the abroad country find most exciting? Is there a way that you can adopt at least 80% of it and add 20% of your things to make it the perfect combo?  Sometimes, you might want all the conditions to be the same as your home country and this will happen in different stages even when you start making good money. There are always new changes or new things to choose which will confuse you. So, to avoid these confusions in the choices, it is important to know the country inside out.

The feedback that you receive from the supervisor and the society will let you understand if you are working in the harmony in your professional space. It all depends on the speed of your work progress. Although, it depends on multiple factors your understanding of the country has the major role to play.

At the end of your International study program be it, bachelors or masters, if you have worked on the above-mentioned points along with your academics,  you will be the expert in finding ways in a new country the way you like it.

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4 thoughts on “Know the Country- International Student Life

  1. How can someone secure admissions and scholarship to study in Canada. Basically what are the necessary requirements to gain master’s admission? Thanks.

    1. The basic requirements to get an admission in Canada with scholarship are good scores, publications, recommendation letter and good extra curricular activities and IELTS. If you don’t want the scholarship and can pursue self funded course. I think just good scores and IELTS will do the thing. Hope this answers your questions

  2. Am interested in getting a scholarship for a masters in environmental science , natural resource management or hydrological science. please guide me through

    1. The application process is simple but to get scholarship is bit competitive. In order to apply for the MSc positions, you should know the eligible criteria for the country. For ex if you are applying for Canada. You need to have IELTS which is an English exam along with transcript records of bsc.Other than the extra curricular activities helps in making your strong profile. The second thing you have to do is shortlist the universities which you can do on Google by using different keywords.for ex if you are applying for MSc in agriculture. Search like BSc program in agriculture in canada/Toronto wherever you want to study. It will give you the list of the Universities. Click on the university website and then go to the courses
      The case of Europe is more or less same as they need IELTS too but the tuition fees to pursue masters in Europe is less as compared to Canada

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