How To Win Scholarships? Overcome your challenges in Communication

The most common issue that I hear from the students that they do not have sufficient time to build up their network and human relations. They complain about the number of hours they spend in completing assignments and studying for exams. No matter how hard you try but 99% of the students end up with the same job portfolio which is quite surprising. Complete dependence on your University degree has become like a status which continues to challenge the students and therefore, it is crucial for students to revamp their foundational learning approach. They have an effortless idea ensemble in their mind that passing through the University system will lead them to success in a professional career.

Let`s start with the first thing that the complete dependence on the University degree will not take you long distance. Instead, you should spend enough time on your personal choices (referring to personal research projects/ambitions) along with your systematic University degree (this just account to less than 10%)

Taking over the facts about globalization, whether it is academic or non- academic field, the process of personal student development requires strong human relations and networking. The coordinated solution between the students and possible personal and professional networks will move towards the common purpose with ease. Networking is critical; it`s a skill that you must develop over the study course.


Networking with team members, internships guides, mentors, recommenders, collaborators, meeting in workshops and symposiums. (Any person that a student can potentially communicate or meet in his or her university period). But do not misunderstand your networks as a sort of favors or conclusion of your journey.

An individual can succeed or fail in his professional life depending on the way he expresses his ideas and goals. With decreasing price of execution (thanks to the magical Internet) and fast processing of ideas either industrial or non-industrial have made communication a critical aspect in all the fields. It is true that impressive grades hold a certain percentage, but it is not everything that will shape your professional life in today’s interconnected world. Both traditional and digital communication gives you direct access to communicate and collaborate effectively with the party in response to your personal goals.

The absence of smooth communication is one of the significant reasons for the halt in the progress of many potential students who wants to study abroad or win scholarships. Various industries state that many students lack soft skills such as communication and adaptation in a different working environment. It is inevitable that a student develops his communication skills using his personal experience and immediate environment in growing age. Because in today’s world, students who are expressive enough to share and explain their ideas can succeed profoundly. When you work on your networking and relationship building skills consistently, the uncertainty in communicating your ideas vanishes. Not your grades, not your physical body, not your extracurricular activities, have the necessary control over your communication and relationships which breeds strong foundation. It is the key to get the most out of your University time.

However, one can use specific strategies and skills to improve their communication skill and networking through various methods. I consider these skills as self-taught which significantly meets the demands of the changing digital and global world. There are many defined ways to reach out and improvise human interactions and networking using unlimited free digital tools that can help you to become a better communicator. The art of communication and using digital tools along with your research capabilities can stand you out from a large bunch. In the world of redundant information and automation, one can quickly process and communicate their ideas faster as compared to any other generation before.

In the upcoming blogs, I will share detailed examples from my personal experience which are unusual and different from your academic routine.  Not to forget, to start your side hustle or research projects in the University, it is essential to work on relationships with the people in university while reaching out to professors, entrepreneurs or researchers in or outside your University. Therefore, knowing the difference in the use of digital and traditional communication as per the situation will be useful.

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