Digital Guru take on “Obesity in India”

Listen Listen very carefully, being Fat is unhealthy , being Obese is unhealthy and it is going to kill you one day which is the biggest concern for the obese people in India to think and act on it. And, yes I am aware that body shaming is real for kids, women and men but let me tell you one important FACT that society is not going to change. I am giving you the million dollar advice, you got to adapt and change your mind settings to go along with this society every single time.

I was scrolling through various post in top news media reading about body shaming and obesity and how every society should accepts that you are fat. Fuck with society, its your body and your life and I am surprised that these top bloggers with million followers are promoting directly or indirectly “its ok to be fat” rather than promoting the real fact that you are fat and addicted to processed food and sugar and it can kill you. This is real. It is also necessary to ask these soft bloggers- when they write about body shaming and society issues” Who are they asking ? What are they expecting?

Its high time to learn that this is the  part where we can not do anything and it will be really nice if we understand the sad but true fact -“Society wont change” but we can definitely train ourselves to become more strategic to tackle these issues. Everything that is happening to your body is because of you not because of the society or life. Stop being so fucking lazy and stop eating shit food like Maggie and cookies. You are gonna get fat because of the sugar and bad fats that you are eating not because of the society pressure.

They say that people become more anxious, depressed and looses there self esteem when society call them fat? Do you think that this is the problem?

What? I thought Humans are the top most creature in the earth (microbes-rats- cats-cows——–other trillion species————-> HUMANS there is nothing after this). We are are at the top and we get sad if 100 people call us fat. If this true, then humans cannot be the smartest species living in the earth.

Its really surprising that people are talking this concept of body shaming with so much seriousness and making the future generation more soft and scared by blaming the society. We got to understand the simple fact- “Society will not change, it will never change, but you can change yourself with  self control and  a cup of optimism”. Its possible and stop listening to these soft bloggers out in the world promoting obesity indirectly or directly.

Start motivating your unhealthy friend to go for one mile run, 15 min workout or have one month of consuming just healthy diet with no sugar and processed food. This will not the society but will definitely change your life. No one can change the society, not even god.

So you have only two choices –

One is to feel bad,listen to soft bloggers and making yourself feel better for 1 hour or hoping that society will change. Or you can get your favorite running shoes to go for a mile run.


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