European youth is not aware about India

Its surprising that European Countries be it Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Specially Britain youth have no idea about the biggest democratic country in the world “India”. Only a small percentage of population and travelers who are not living and running the race of corporate world can define and express the thoughts about India in a positive way even if he/she is not aware about the Real History of India about British colonization in India that completely destroyed the Holy Land.

European Youth (EY)- Hey digital guru, I am really curious to know about India? Can you help me out?

Digital Guru (DG)- Sure, Go for it

EY- The first thing that comes to my mind about India is Poverty and poor people. Were they always poor in the past?

DG- Oh no. Not at all. They were rich, fucking rich and not just with money and gold but also with culture, languages, food, sustainable technology, and diversity. It is way more diverse than complete Europe or western world. But Then British colonization happened…

EY- Wow. Really. What do you mean by British colonization? You sound bit sarcastic.  I learned that Britishers really helped the Indian in developing the basic infrastructure and administration which made India complete for 21st Century. There are many best selling authors who also think the same way.  Even my parents and teachers think this way.

DG- Well, they are wrong. They are not taught properly. But you can teach these new facts to them. I can assure you that all the schools and books that glorifies the british empire in India is bullshit and you are being fooled by them.

EY- Really. So Can you tell me? How was India before British Rule?

DG- Ofcourse. But Can you be more specific?

EY- How rich were Indians?

DG-  Well, Indians were producing 25% of total  world Industrial output until mid 18th century before British Rule. But under the British rule, there was massive decrease in the industrialization and decline in Indian share of world economy from 25% to 2% by 1950s. India has largest economy between 1st and 18th century but the only mistake they made was they were not assholes, corrupt and thief which were the real traits and strategic tools of British empire when they were ruling India. I am not sure about now 😉

EY- How many languages are Spoke in India?

DG- Official Langugaes-22 but there are 1652 are the Mother Tongues. Like i said, Indians are really diverse, they accept everyone in there Holy Land.

EY- How many religions are practiced in India? How many Gods are there India?

DG- The major religions practiced in India are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. Zoroastrianism, Judaism and the Baha’i Faith. Its not easy to answer your other question. There are millions of god. People are free to practice any kind of religion.

DG- The major religions practiced in India are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. Zoroastrianism, Judaism and the Baha’i Faith

EY- How much wealth did Britishers stole from India?

DG- Well, it will really hard to calculate but according to estimates from credible sources, It could be around 600 trillion pounds. Its funny that they are making Brexit because they are scared of immigrants taking away there jobs.

EY- How many people were killed under British Rule in India?

DG- There is no estimate number. I am sure that you are never taught about Jallianwala Bagh incident in your books. But British Army trapped the people who were protesting with peace in public space who were shot on the spot. The official figures says some different number but they killed over 1000 people including women, infants and old age people.

Not only this, Britisher declined and stopped the transportation of rice and wheat in Bengal and Orissa in 1943 during world war 1 which killed almost 4 million people due to malnutrition, starvation and malaria. These are just two main horrible incidents which shows cruel nature. The count of death people will be in millions. It will be hard to hear to you but Britisher were murderers.

EY- I don’t understand the concepts like arrange marriages and shyness towards sex in India.

DG- It is an important question.And for that  I want to ask you, Do you know where does Kamasutra comes from?

EY- Yes India,

DG- Exactly, but the majority of Western youth think that its a sex manual. Let me tell you more about it. Sexual intercourse and positions is the part of the book and it consist of only 20% of the complete book.  This book describes the human behavior, family life and other pleasures of life that he can obtain by understanding the life in the simplest way. And, this book was written 1000s of years ago when western society was creating Human slaves.

EY- Ok. What is your point?

DG- As I can understand from this point is that Indian society was very open before the British rule and when Britishers came to India to colonize and saw the way of working and living in Indian society. They got bit nervous and stressed out looking at the open culture of Indian society with so many religions, languages, openness to accept everyone the way they are.

But Britishers had the strong corrupt and political mind which they used in India to divide the society on the basis of religion and caste which now has become one of the biggest problems in India.

EY- Any advice or suggestions that you can give us?

DG- Stop judging and start travelling to the most adventurous country in the world of more than 1 billion people,million languages,uncountable gods, culture, music, food and so many other things. And guess what – India has mountains, rivers, beaches, deserts, plateau, waterfalls, snow, plains, deltas, islands, coral reefs, castles, villages and cities.  This is all there in just one country.


Spiti Valley, India 

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