Open Letter to PMO-Electronic Digital Doctor records

To Respected Prime Minister of India,

I want to thank you with utmost respect for the things you are doing for our Nation. You are one of the most hardworking person alive in this world. It is really surprising that our generation could not figure out the importance of what you are doing as you are way more ahead of understanding the need of technological and digital development.

Considering the rise in the Digital economy, I wanted to bring your attention towards the need of ELECTRONIC DIGITAL DOCTOR RECORDS [EDDR]

What do I mean by EDDR?

Today  morning, a collegue of mine gave me a ride to the work place and I asked him about his injury and he told me that he was fine and he don`t need the operation anymore.

And i asked why?

He told me that he visited another doctor and he had different opinion about the operation which is really surprising to note that if you visit different doctors, you will get different opinions. One of them follows the constructive approach who will try to resolve the problem with simple techniques which will take a more time to recover but will be good for a long run. The other kind will follow a destructive approach where doctor is going to cut you open the next day and solve the issue.

Just imagine, that you have a injury in your back, a doctor fix it with basic techniques in a contructive manner whereas other tells you to have a operation which will need to make a cut of 40cm in your back. Which one will you choose?

Being a common citizen of India, I want to propose you an Idea to develop a registered digital platform where all the doctors should be registered before giving the final permission to practice with all there basic records and statistics. So, that people can choose which doctor meets the best requirement according to there comfort zone. I am sure, there must be some ethical reasons of creating a public platform for the doctors. But I belive that with the changing digital economy and globalization, these rules can be changed for the better understanding of the Doctors strategies which will give rise to new kind of research and development in the area of health and science.

With Respect



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