Shock the Culture

The standard definition of Culture Shock is the disorientation in your regular life or weird emotions that you feel in a different culture or while visiting a new country. I see a lot of students struggling while travelling or studying abroad which is pretty common. I can understand the sudden change in culture,music, food and smell of air is indeed a big change. There will be lot of blogs telling you about the stages of culture shock, how to deal culture shock bla bla bla…

Reading them and thinking about it will make you more nervous. I did not  felt the culture shock at all while i was travelling, doing my administrative stuff in Spain, Portugal, France while coping up with 3 different languages.  Moreover, I was located in small villages or towns most of the time.  And ofcourse, it won`t be easy but I am going to make it simple for you. All you have to do is tell these things to yourself? I am not going to let the culture shock me instead I am going to shock the culture by being open and adaptable . Remember to mingle around and speak the language of the country which is not easy but its the start to meet and greet people. The simple strategy is to learn 3-4 words daily and use google translator to talk with the random people in the bars, parties or common events. Just give it a shot and say hello to one random human being everyday in your journey. The problems with food habits is your problem, so change it and adapt to the culture as culture and whole country is not going to change for you. And Within few weeks,  I am sure you will enjoy the gastronomy of the country without any problems.


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