Thonon les Bains- France

Thonon is one of the most interesting town I have visited in France. Its location is spectacular and also has an interesting and complex history. Can you tell which one is the Swiss and which one is Savoi Flag!

A friend of mine shared a story that whenever the Swiss hikers reached the mountain top and put there flags on the top, the Savoy hikers goes to the top and extend the white cross until the borders to make it look like a Savoy flag.  I just wanted to tell you that if you are travelling around the Savoy region, there is a possibility that you might get confused by Savoy flag which looks like a swiss one and other way around too.

Now, Do you know about the bla bla car service?  I used it for the first time in Thonon les Bains and Its really an incredible and cheap service for the solo travellers. Apart from that I also got to meet different people from different age groups, culture and background which is really fantastic and a learning journey. I went around 5 places that were in and around of Thonon les bains. Thonon is located by the lake which is known as lake leman by the French side and lake geneva by the swiss side as it connects both the countries.

Solo travelers, Rememer to use the BLA-BLA Car service. Its really cheap and incredible service which gives to an oppotunity to meet people and get exclusive local information which you might not find on internet or travel books. I met so many people who had many stories to share. “While travelling from Thonon to Annecy, I met a French guy who told old me that Thonon is a nice place for the sports lover as you can enjoy skiing in the winters and kayaking in the summers. The other person i met while travelling to Laussane told me that its the best part of France to eat Fondue, drink wine and enjoy the spledid nature. Its all about the perspective…


You can do many things in Thonon—

Visit Lake Leman or Lake Geneva- The lake located in Rhone alpes region which is shared It is located by the side of Lake leman or Lake Geneva. This lake is so huge and is stretched until Laussane and Montreux. You can walk by the harbor, enjoy the French cuisine and have a relaxing time. There are many things you can do in and around the lake ranging from water sports and visiting small towns using boats. Usually, the boats are more frequently used in summers.

Visit Laussane and Geneva- You can take the boat to visit laussane from thonon but it is little cheap and will cost you aroud 50 Euros to go and come back .

Visit Yviore- It just 15 mins by bus to reach the really beautiful  700 year old medieval village. You can take the Line number 152. In past,the village had a strategic position in terms of defense for a long period of time in 15th century. But now its just a village of farmers and fisherman.

Visit Annecy- Annecy is the wonderland with lots of color which makes you feel like walking in the cartoonik world. Take a walk by the lake and enjoy the cheese. Talking about the cheese in France. It really hard to remember the names of the cheese but I would advice you to try abondance and tomme chees along with selected wine advised by the local people.

I also enjoyed the THURSDAY MARKET in the city center of thonon which offers you lots of local cheese and food to try.




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