Interview with Dr. Priyanjali- About Breast Cancer

This is my first blog of 2018 and I wanted to start it on a motivated note. Talking with Priyanjali motivated me to the next level and made me realise that Hard work is the significant key to become more happy and satisfied in your life. 

Hi Priyanjali, Can you introduce yourself to the people?

Hailing from the Abode of Clouds, aka Scotland of East, Meghalaya in the Northeastern part of India. I belong to a quintessential Bengali family. My father, the most influential and the best man of my life had filled my mind with tales of Netaji Bose invariably. My naive mind palace rather picked up Swami Vivekanada and Thomas Edison as leaders for mankind. I always faced difficulty to make friends as I could not easily find people resonating with my thought process of being very liberal. I grew up to become a Doctor by my choice, being a state topper back then, against my parent’s will who saw a dancer in me. My father who inculcated in me a pattern to look through every possibility and disrupt to establish a solution for every kind of problem and not wait for any delusional “somebody” to do it for you and society. He believes I am a visionary and I am trying to establish the same. For my own self, I write Non- fiction and Abstract. I dance and want to learn the forms i never tried Ballet, trained in Indian classical forms of Bharatnatyam and Kathak. I love to indulge in conversations and was a State level Debate champion for 4 years in Meghalaya. I have worked as a professional model  for Abraxas Lifestyle, India’s most exclusive luxury magazine and a brand called Reptilia. I do not believe a person should give up on anything that he loves to do. In Spite of the conventional line of thought process about Modelling, I love doing it and take out time for shoots and do not give up.

Can you explain about your mission and vision of your Project Aarogya?

I started this venture called Aaroogya “Carnage Breast Cancer Foundation”, and began a mass door to door education about a very neglected disease breast cancer. Unlike West, Indian demography has more prevalence for a specific molecular form of the disease called “Triple Negative” which is more aggressaive and targets the younger female folk of the country. I have been travelling from Delhi to the North Eastern State approaching Bangladesh borders to conduct our extensively designed Public Health Camps. Our key features are :- Training Programmes for Regional (Tier III and IV) schools and Self Help Groups for Breast Self- Examination every month, Telemedicine, Pan – India cross sectional survey, publishing articles in peer reviewed journals and handing over clinically designed pictographic booklet for guiding breast self examination (BSE). We do free Clinical Examination and mobilize patients for Palliative and Preventive Care to partner Hospitals. In the past one year, our team has covered Delhi NCR, Haryana, Assam, West Bengal and Meghalaya, we are at a stage where we are mobilizing patients and individuals requiring preventive care to Daycare centres with precision medicine and Molecular Profiling. I aim to establish and redefine Preventive Healthcare system and not merely let people die due to Late Diagnosis and poor disease management in the country. Our chief mentor – Prof Dr. P.K. Julka (PadmaShri Awaredee) Former Dean, AIIMS guides us through and monitors our line of action with each engagement and implementation.

We aim to disrupt the bridge between Social and Healthcare Innovation across the globe to reach every nook and crenny of India’s Tier 3 and 4 Rural women.

Our Board of Advisory has esteemed mentors who guide me to and fro extensively :- Dr. Sovan Sarkar is a Birmingham Fellow at the University of Birmingham, and holds the distinction of Former Fellow for life at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge and Ronald Van Het Hof, Worked as CEO for a number of leading retail-chains in the Benelux and has received several Retail Awards. Ronald has been working as an expert-volunteer (2008-2012) at Women on Wings and supported many Indian social enterprises in their growth with his broad management experience next to his professional career in the Benelux.

What motivated you to start this project?

Building up from all of this is our understanding that the world is making the transition from millennia where the game was efficiency in repetition (think assembly line and law firm) to one where the ability to contribute to change is where value lies.  Once the world understands that it is already well into this transition, it will move through the remaining steps very quickly and with far fewer bumps in the night.  We think that this is where Aaroogya’s greatest contribution will be in the next few years.

I consider Aaroogya as my biggest achievement so far because, as a child, I remember making a promise to my maternal grandmother that I will invent an Antidote against Cancer. A few years later we lost her due to Late Diagnosis of Lung Cancer. My mother too suffers from a Pre Blood Cancerous stage called Essential Thrombocytosis. This keeps me on track.

Are you happy with all the development of the project?

Overwhelmed is the word, personally. There is a long way of course lined up. Yet, getting approval of your way of ideation and innovation to bring a social impact by a lot of people on ground and digitally is the most important drive to keep working towards every goals. It is to bring the quality social change in human lives but not impossible. My work has become my personal, professional and social life.

What are you looking for this project in terms of funding and resources?

We are basically looking for the investors who wants to who invest in social impact and wants to contribute for mankind. Since we are still at early stage, money is typically very local. Hence, investors you approach should fit in this segment. Venture Capitals investing on Non profit solutions and Corporate Social Responsibility funds largely cater such investment prospects largely.

What are you doing to increase the impact of your project?

Working on the idea constantly to create a valuable product is an arduous task. And continuous reach out for improvement and appreciation keeps involving more people onboard. A good idea brings change makers together adding inputs. My idea is not mine just, its a holistic concept like I always say of my esteemed mentors I mentioned about, many Healthcare Industry sophomores, have been privileged to work with many Alumni from Ivy league University Business schools like the Harvard Business school, Tuck School of Business, INSEAD, etc, and Global Public health representatives. In the process, Its more of a learning opportunity and vivid experience with such enigmatic people as an early age sophomore.

How long it took you put up the basic Building blocks of your project?

It has been one and half year, and it is still ongoing until Innovations stop happening. We are looking forward to integrate IoT solutions, venturing out for AI solutions to establish scalable productivity in a continuous process. We wish and work towards establishing these quick solutions accessible to every Indian woman who nurtures a family and a generation of our future.

How long it will take to solve this problem?

This is the most important one to answer, Indian subcontinent shows sheer negligence towards this menace that has already infiltrated in our population, called Breast Cancer, the Cancer variant affecting the women the most, worldwide. We need to understand the solutions to the disease management in west is not always a solution for developing countries. We have different genetics and molecular make – up. Demography plays a major role in disease predilections. “Triple Negative”, a subtype of Breast Cancer affects our demography largely, unlike West. It targets the younger women at early ages and only Early detection can save us. We are disrupting the scenario by establishing our entire approach towards Preventive healthcare and management and not just disease management, Preventive Healthcare is not the future, it is the need of the hour. Secondary prevention by Breast Self examination in this case.


Aaroogya – In Defense of my Elementary Liberty to choose it over Gold Coins and Glamour

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