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There are always lot of confusions and doubts when it comes to apply for visa and work permit for foreign countries. It becomes more complex when you are already working or studying in a foreign country and have to apply for visa for another foreign country. For ex: You are an Indian who came to Portugal to study for a masters but luckily you got into a PhD Program or a better Master’s program in Spain or France with full scholarship. The deadline to accept the program and apply for all the paper work is approaching and going back to India and apply for visa is not a solution as it will take more time. I cannot tell you the exact requirements and documents you will need to file the visa as it will vary according to your needs. But I am going to tell you the basic documents you should be prepared beforehand.

I came to Portugal to pursue my Erasmus Program but I got selected for a PhD position in Spain, so I had to apply for the Spanish visa and work permit. If you are a Non EU citizen, the most important thing is your criminal record from all the countries you have been in last 5 years. The problem is that most of the criminal records issued by official organisation are only valid for 3-6 months. So, if you are already in Europe for one or two months, most probably it had already expired and you had to apply for new criminal record from your home country and the present country of residence.

There are two ways to apply for Indian criminal record; from Indian embassy in the present country of residence such as Portugal and France. And other one is directly applying online in India via State police website as there are options to apply for criminal records who are living abroad. Both ways can take some time as in the former way, it depends on the availability of the dates in the embassy but the best part is that you don’t have to go to another place to legalize the document. But in the later method, you would have to send the document to legalize it and then get it transferred to you by courier. So you have to make this call considering the overall situation. The best option will be to apply for a criminal record in the Indian Embassy in your country of residence. And according to me, getting a criminal record in European countries in not a difficult task. You can check my blog on getting a criminal record in Portugal here:

Secondly, if you are travelling from one European country to another, they will ask for some translated documents such as your criminal records and final diploma. In some cases, they also ask for translated document of your transcripts. Just in case you are in Spain and you want to get your documents translated by an authorized association, you can try this company – . I think they are little expensive but quite efficient. Oh yes, I think you would also need the medical certificate from your present country of residence along with translated copy. So make sure that you get this certificate on time.

Now finally to apply for you Spanish visa and work permit, you would need the following documents to complete the overall process.

  1. Complete Copy of the passport (all the pages as it does not matter even if they are empty and the copy of your present visa)
  2. Certificate of criminal records from the all the countries you have been in past 5 years along with its sworn translation.
  3. Your national identification number to conduct your work or research in your country of residence (Presently, I am discussing the requirements for Spanish visa and work permit but I believe it should be more or less same for other European countries).
  4. Document MI-T is for your mobility in Europe that you or your university has to present along with your application of your residence permit. You can make this request online through Ministry of labor and social security.
  5. The next document will be the proof of registration of document 4 that is generated when you apply for MI-T.
  6. The proof of payment of the fee for issuing the residence permit that will be in the form ¨Model M790038 or Model 790052.
  7. Model Mi-TIE and visa application form.

I cannot say that this is the exact process as the process varies according to your situation. The process will be easy if your university or organisation is applying for your work permit but I hope this blog will ease your process of applying for work permit.


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