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It`s very hard to choose among foods from any country. Because everyone has their own speciality and dishes(and their own tastes for that matter), so I am just going to write about the food I ate and loved in Portugal. I was lucky to share an apartment with Portuguese people who happened to be amazing cooks. And well finding a house in Faro, Portugal for long term is not easy although I got it in just 2 days. I will share that in a different blog. For now, let`s talk about food.

1. Polvo a Galega- I realised that I finally came to Portugal when I tried Polvo Agaelda which is a octopus boiled and then cooked in olive oil with salt and black pepper. It had topping of some olives which was served with local Portuguese bread. I couldn’t identify it first as it was chopped into small pieces which completely put off its appearance and I must say it was very tasty dish.
2. Tremocos (Just like Peanuts) It’s a quite similar to peanuts which are rich in alkaloids, fibre and proteins. Good to eat along with your chilled beverage.

3. Bacalhao (Cod Fish)- It is also known as the National fish of Portugal and there is a saying that you can do this dish in 365 ways. Portugal is also the largest importer of this national dish. This fish is low in fat, high zinc, potassium and other essential micronutrients and amino acids. My flatmate cooked it in a traditional style with potatoes, onions and béchamel sauce. He bolied the fillets of cod for like 5-10 mins in water and peeled off the skin and bones. You can also do this step the other way around. Then fry some potatoes in olive oil and you can also choose some potato chips if you want to skip this step. Add your potatoes, onions and garlic in your baking pan at your oven at 300-350C. Then add your cod and béchamel sauce over it. Keep your eyes on the oven and switch it off until you get the golden crust on the top. Its ready to be attacked.
4. Bolas (Bolas de berlim)- It’s a sweet delicacy similar to muffin not exactly muffin. It has got a layer of cream and sprinkled with sugar on the top. The people selling the bolasa in Faro and other famous beaches in Portugal make around 3000 Euros/month in tourist season that is mostly April-September They make approximately 14000 Euros in the tourist season which is more than enough money to live a happening life in Portugal for a whole year. But it’s a amazing food to satisfy your sweet tooth and don`t forget the amazing sea in front of you.
5. Entremeada – It`s a typical Portuguese snack to eat in the evening made out of flesh of the back of pork. The meat is garnished only with pepper and salt and fried in olive oil. It is ready to serve with your favorite bread. It does wonders with special Portuguese beer SAGRES 😀.
6. Pastel de Nata and café- It’s the usual legendary breakfast of Portuguese people which isincredibly delicious and spread throughout Portugal. These pastries are made egg tart, milk based custard and cinnamon covered with a nest of crisp layers. You got to taste it with a cup of coffee.





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