The Mountain of Lakes

In continuation to my first blog. I spent six days in KASOL, visiting different villages and going on small hikes. I had an amazing time just like everyone else  . Sometimes i wonder wherether there is someone who has been here who wouldn’t want to spend the rest of their lives here. I stayed even though my friends left for Delhi after six days. I came to the mountains to relax and rejuvenate and take a real break. I went to my cousins place in Kullu who lives near the river stream to plan a hiking trail in KULLU Valley. Luckily, I got a contact from my brother who organised these amazing treks to less explored and desolate hiking spots. He was taking a group to the peak known as FUTTASAUR. So, I took a bus from Kullu and reached the base camp at Haripur,Manali. I met my organiser with whom i bonded very closely and we became the best of friends right from the start. They were living a life with nine dogs and a small apple farm, this sounds like this has been taken right off the pages of a book but trust me its all very real.  I did my first hike to TRIUND in 2013 when I was doing an Internship in Naddi, Dharmashala. That’s a different story, but we can talk about it later.  So, Futtasaur was my first major hike at approximately 14500 ft located in Kullu Valley.  Surprisingly, there were only 3 people in the group along with 5 team members and 2 hiking dogs- Troy and lizzie . The best part of hiking and the adventure is that you always learn many things in a different way. I met a guy who wanted to be an adventure photographer and he came to test his limit and survival threshold.  7th August,2016 was the first day of our hike and all I saw was heavy downpour and usually it’s not advisable to start your trek in this sort of weather conditions. But all the team members were pumped up and had already packed their stuff. Another thing that is not good for hiking is fog, and the fog was so dense that it surrounded and covered whole house. We were just waiting for the rain to stop, so that we could start our hike from Sohail village which is also the oldest village of kullu valley.  Before I begin with my hiking experience, I wanted to tell you the meaning of FUTTASAUR; Saur means lake and Futta is the name of goddess of sohail village, So it’s a lake at 14000 ft which is a very pure and sacred place for all the villagers and They believe that even if a single matchstick or a thread ends up on the lake,it is blown away by the wind or taken up by a bird.

Apart from this congress and some private organisation had proposed a skiing project in this range of Haripur-Futtasaur which was estimated of worth 40,000 crores. They wanted to make this valley a tourism spot just like Switzerland  but it was the opposing party  and villagers who voted negative for this project because of their ritual beliefs which I believe should be respected. Because it is more important to build schools and educate people before building such projects as these projects will never help villagers at a big level. Only government and private organisations will make money out of such projects. I think it was great decision by villagers which has maintained the integrity of the environment in that region.


I couldnt wait to start the hike and soon I realised that my feet were getting wet, so I covered it with a plastic cover. We reached Mindua for our first base camp which was a beautiful camping spot surrounded by  Marijuana farms and lush green vegetation. The marijuana of this region is known as Banara cream which is also sold as Malana cream in various parts of Himachal and Delhi. We reached at mindua and set up our camp and waited for the other team members to join us. Well the party started and the dinner was prepared. All we had to do was enjoy the moonlight, cool breeze and eat like kings. The next morning we had fresh tea extracted from the barks of Taxus wallichiana usually found the hills of manali, kullu and Shimla. Locally it is known as Rakhal. The tree has been listed under the endangered species due to illegal smuggling to western country laboratories. The extracts from Rakhal has various anti-therapeutic properties and specially used to make anti-cancer drugs. You can check the further details in this article :-–treat-23274.

After day1, the climate was pretty bad as it was monsoon and we had to walk every day in rain for almost 5-6 hours. But guys hiking during monsoons has it own perks as you can see the million shades of green color like you have never seen before. Its more green and vibrant along with all the different herbs and flowers blossoming with little fog droplets on it. We were walking down the trek and listening to the stories by fellow hikers. I made quite exciting new friends “Tunu”, Joginder, Gangaram who were quite interesting people and had many stories and lessons to share. They told me about Nagshatri “Trillium Govanianum” a small herb easily grown in these mountains preferably in shaded region. It is illegally transported to many parts of the world because of its increasing international demand.The demand of the products obtained from this herb has been constantly increasing and with rise in demand the herb has been already listed in endangered species.  Constant poaching of this drug is a serious global threat which requires the urgent use of advanced conservation strategies.

Note: The smuggling of these endangered herbs are usually done in luxury buses through various routes of Himalayas.

I have many more stories to share which I’ll cover in my subsequent blogs. For now, let me skip ahead  to 4th and 5th day of our trek which were really tough because of the harsh climate. The main hurdle was the constant rain at 10,000 ft till 14000 ft as it was raining for about 10-12 hours/day. It is not easy to walk in heavy rain specially in alpine region. Alpline region is the plane region of the mountain that has no trees and shrubs just like Mount Everest. Just think of hiking the Everest under a strong rain. Ultimately we made our base camp at parkurni at the end of our 4th day where we also met a shephard who told us about this mountain range and short cuts to reach the different lakes in the region. That very day me and tunu went to the lake which was just across the mountain. It was a pretty small lake which looked like a hangout place for grizzly bears. The next day was harder as we had to climb another 1000-1500 ft to reach the lake of FUTTASAUR………….




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